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Due to an issue with Dropbox that they refuse to fix, the UWO Database no longer functions. Sorry for the inconvenience. A new version is not feasible, so the program has been discontinued until the time that I decide to start playing UWO again.

Uncharted Waters Online - Interactive Database


The Interactive Database is a program that runs beside Uncharted Waters Online and servers as an interactive Wiki. It does not "datamine" or interact with UWO in any way! The data currently contained in the program is limited to whatever the individual users are willing to enter, but the features are limitless. Right now the program keeps data such as what goods are for sell at what price, what the market (%) rate is, what skills can be learned from each NPC, which NPCs you can report each discovery type to, wind/current speeds for each area, and more. Here are some screenshots of what the program can do. The first shows the price of fish, in every port that we have fish data for. Red means you can buy it there, green means you can sell it there. The second is a closeup of Iberia with "Show Port Names" on. The window that you see is our filter window. At the top, you can filter out only ports that are in a specific region, or speak a particular language, or have a certain good, or have a certain type of good (spices). At the bottom is your choice of what to show on the map in tooltip form. You can choose port names (Second Screenshot), Good Prices (First Screenshot), or Skill NPC (Third Screenshot). You can also filter down to only ports that contain certain NPCs, for example, only ports with Adventure Quests. Also new this year are Port maps / Landing maps (Fourth Screenshot)

There will also be some "premium" features that only the top users will be able to access. One of these features is the trade finder. You choose which regions you want to buy goods, and where you are going, and it will tell you what goods you can buy, and what kind of profit to expect. Another is the Aide Finder. Enter the skills you require of your aide, and those that you think would be nice, and it will recommend aides based on that information.

How to use the program

Most of the menus are hidden unless you have the right security, but here are the most common tasks an average user can have.
  1. To add a good to a port, click "Add Good". Enter the port and good, price and current percent, and hit save.
  2. To add a skill to a port, click "Add Skill". Enter the port and skill, and the NPC name, and hit save.
  3. To change the current market rate of a good, right click the good listing on the menu bar and enter the new percent rate.
  4. To change between showing the current rate and market rate (price at 100%), look under the "Show" menu
  5. The Options menu allows you to toggle "Click and Drag" mode, or "Edge Scroll" mode.
  6. To find a port, go to "Show->Port Finder". Find the port in the list and click Find. The map will re-center on that port.


Using this program requires that you are on the latest version of DirectX 9 (Installer included with Launcher zip)

Downloading the Program

Since I update the program regularly, I have developed a Launcher system (much like UWO). You can download it here. Install this program to a folder where you want all your Klan Kamakazee Production games to be installed. Run the launcher shortcut that it puts on your desktop. If you have an account, you can log in, but the default guest account has access to everything that 90% of the public will be able to do. If there is an update available, you can click the update button to begin the download. Click Play to launch the program. Below is a screenshot of the launcher.

Problems with the Program

I am by no means a professional programmer, and so you can and will encounter errors. If you receive any errors, please copy the entire error text, a screenshot of the screen behind the error box, and a brief description of what you just did, and e-mail it to gidustin2-uwoerrors@yahoo.com.

The errors you can expect to run across:
  1. Alt tabbing into a full screen application can crash my programs
  2. CTRL+ALT+DEL can crash my program
  3. Windows Vista/7 UAC popup can crash my program

Keeping the project alive

Right now the server program is running on a spare computer from my work. It is not the greatest beast out there. Also, my internet connection isn't the best it could be either. If this program really takes off and it exceeds the limitations of either the server or my ISP, I will be forced to disable guest connections.

If you like the project, and want to see it continue to grow, please


Due to an issue with Dropbox that they refuse to fix, the UWO Database no longer functions. Sorry for the inconvenience.